3D Scanning

    3 D Scanning is the transfer of geometrical elements of a 3-dimensional object such as surface form, bore diameter, cylinder, cone, sphere, etc. to a digital ambient in the form of a data in appearance of point cloud defined with X, Y and Z coordinates. In general, this may be obtained by means of data probe measurement systems (CMM-Coordinate Measuring Machine] or contactless measuring systems (Optical Scanning, Laser Scanning) and is used as reference data for Reverse Engineering software.

Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering is the process of transformation of parts or systems with complex form not being able to be measured with conventional methods or the measurement of which takes long into vectorial defined CAD data using relevant reverse engineering software over point cloud data obtained with scanning systems.

Quality Control

    Development of Optical Scanning systems has been concurrent with the development of evaluation software used together with these systems. By using industrial purpose scanning systems and evaluation software, 3D control of components such as mould, product, fixture, etc. may be carried out in a swift and delicate way.